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  • Turkey is located mainly on the Anatolian Peninsula in Western Asia, with a small portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe

  • Capital: Ankara

  • Population: 85 Million

  • Modern Turkey, is one of the oldest permanently settled regions in the world

  • Turkey is a presidential republic within a multi-party system.

  • Turkey is a founding member of the United Nations (1945)

  • Turkey has the second-largest standing military force in NATO, after the United States, with an estimated strength of 890,700 military personnel as of February 2022

  • Turkey's extraordinary ecosystem and habitat diversity has produced considerable species diversity

  • There are 40 national parks, 189 nature parks, 31 nature preserve areas, 80 wildlife protection areas and 109 nature monuments in Turkey

  • The Anatolian leopard is still found in very small numbers in the northeastern and southeastern regions of Turkey



  • The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Aegean and Mediterranean Seashave a temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters

  • Mountains close to the coast prevent Mediterranean influences from extending inland, giving the central Anatolian plateau of the interior of Turkey a continental climate with sharply contrasting seasons

  • Turkey is a newly industrialized country, with an upper-middle income economy, which is the twentieth-largest in the world by nominal GDP

  • The automotive industry in Turkey produced 1,276,140 motor vehicles in 2021, ranking as the 13th largest producer in the world

  • Tourism in Turkey has increased almost every year in the 21st century, and is an important part of the country's economy.

  • Istanbul Airport is the largest airport in the world, with a capacity to serve 150 million passengers a year

  • Turkey had the fourth-highest direct utilization and capacity of geothermal power in the world, and produces over 45.6% of its electricity from renewable sources



  • Turkey has made significant inroads in aerospace technology into the 21st century

  • Turkey has a very diverse culture that is a blend of various elements of the Turkic, Anatolian, Byzantine and Ottoman cultures (the latter was in many aspects a continuation of both the Greco-Roman and Islamic cultures) with Western culture and traditions, a process that started with the Westernization of the Ottoman Empire and still continues today

  • Turkish literature is a mix of cultural influences. Interaction between the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic world along with Europe contributed to a blend of Turkic, Islamic and European traditions in modern-day Turkish music and literary arts

  • Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine with all of its modern influence and varieties

  • The country is home to 18 UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites, including two mixed sites and 16 cultural sites, such as the archaeological site of the former ancient Troy.

  • Turkey is filled with hidden treasures, from secret beaches and coves only accessible by water to hidden settlements carved directly into the rock face.

  • Turkey is a country of hospitality, striking architecture and natural wonders. Here are some of the incredible historical, natural and famous Turkish landmarks

    • Lake Van is Turkey’s largest lake covering 1434 square miles (3713 square km). To locals, the lake is known as the Sea of Van

    • Manavgant Waterfalls is Antalya’s most famous waterfall. The waterfall is sourced from Mount Seytan.

    • Ölüdeniz, or Blue Lagoon as it is known the world over, is a serene aquamarine body of water.

    • Butterfly Valley is only accessible by boat and features high rocky cliff faces dotted with trees and a hidden beach with pristine white sands and it is home to many species of butterflies, which give the valley its name

    • Burning for more than 2500 years, the flames of Chimaera are natural landmark in Turkey

    • As one of the tallest mountains in the Taurus Mountains, Mount Tahtali is both a natural wonder and one steeped in legend, which goes by another name; Mount Olympus, where Zeus, the ancient Greek god of sky and thunder, resided during the summer months

    • The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia are unusual natural landmark in Turkey

    • Pamukkale is a series of calcite travertines or terraces that flow into each other with water rich in minerals and built up from limestone deposits

    • Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Hagia Sophia is an architectural marvel that was initially built as a Christian basilica more than 1500 years ago

    • The ruins of Myra, which was once the most important city are one of the most incredible sites in Turkey

    • The ancient Orthodox monastery of Sumela is more than 1600 years old and sits 1200m (3937ft) atop a cliff

    • Frequently described as the ‘architectural masterpiece of Istanbul’, the Blue Mosque is one of Turkey’s most recognisable landmark

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