Embark on a Wellness Odyssey

September 11, 2023

Embark on a Wellness Odyssey with Uniglobe IC Travel 

A-ROSA River Cruise & Thermal Hotel Geinberg Package


Dive into a world of luxury and relaxation as Uniglobe IC Travel proudly presents an unparalleled experience combining the majesty of river cruises with rejuvenating thermal baths.

A-ROSA River Cruise at Danube: A Voyage like None Other

Luxury Meets Exploration: Experience the magic of cruising along the iconic Danube, all while ensconced in luxury. Our all-inclusive services include:

  • Choice of cabin accommodation tailored to your preferences.
  • Complimentary Internet access to stay connected.
  • A myriad of onboard amenities including an opulent café, bar, spa center, panoramic sauna, fitness hub, pool or whirlpool, and even shuffleboard.

Cultural Epitomes

Vienna: Often dubbed the city on the blue Danube, Vienna is more than just Austria's capital; it's a journey back in time. Marvel at the city's cultural treasures, immerse yourself in the historic elegance, and relish the ambiance of traditional coffee houses.

Linz: With traces of the Roman era still evident, Linz is a city where history comes alive. The heart of the city, with its Renaissance courtyards and Baroque churches, captures every traveller's imagination. And while you are there, the famed "Linzer Torte" is a must-try!

Thermal Hotel Geinberg: A Sanctuary of Tranquility

Opulent Relaxation: Located near the Austrian-German border, the lavish Vitalhotel Geinberg is conveniently connected to the thermal baths via an underground passage, and promises:

  • A thermal bath experience that revitalizes.

  • A sauna world to cleanse and rejuvenate.

  • Beauty and fitness centers for holistic wellness.

At Uniglobe IC Travel, we strive to curate experiences that resonate with luxury, relaxation, and unmatched service. Your wellness and satisfaction are paramount. Eager to immerse in this world of opulence? Reach out to us and let's craft your perfect getaway!