Falling in love with Bulgaria at first sight



  • Bulgaria is tha land that pre-dates the Roman Empire and it is one of the oldest countries in Europe, founded 1,300 years ago

  • Capital: Sofia

  • Located in Eastern Europe

  • Population: 7 Million

  • The oldest processed gold in the world - 7,000 years old is found in Varna 

  • Plovdiv, also known as “the city of the seven hills” is Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city (6000 BCE) and the 5th-oldest city in the world

  • Bulgariat hasn’t changed its name since the year it was established

  • A Bulgaria folk song is part of the Golden Record, a collection of human artifacts sent to space, intended as a message for extra-terrestrial life

  • Bulgaria is the homeland of yogurt which contains the bacteria called Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and cannot be found anywhere else in the world

  • The roses grown in Bulgaria’s “Rose Valley” produce most of the world’s rose oil, a main ingredient in most perfumes

  • A member state of the European Union and NATO



  • Country with long, tumultuous and fascinating history, resulting in thousands of years old traditions and landmarks

  • Perfect combination of breath-taking mountains, beautiful seaside and evergreen vast valleys

  • Bulgaria with its snowy winters, warm springs, hot summers, and coloruful falls offers a great variety for year around events

  • Bulgaria is a safe and easily accessible destination

  • Bulgaria offers high quality modern hotels, dynamic nightlife and diverse event venues

  • Bulgaria’s amazing nature and biodiversity, places the country on the 3rd place in terms of most biodiverse country in the region

  • Bulgaria is famous of its wine, and delicious cuisine, including the Bulgarian Shopska salad, which is awarded as the best dish in Europe



  • Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is 378 km long, of which 130 km white and golden sandy beaches

  • Musala peak is the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula

  • Forests in Bulgaria constitute one-third of the country’s territory

  • Bulgaria offers breathtaking glacial lakes, waterfalls, plenty of animal and plant-life species and even a tree over 1350 years old

  • The land of 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites

  • There is an abundance of mineral water springs, making Bulgaria one of the leading spa destinations in Europe

  • Two of Bulgaria’s natural parks are an UNESCO World Heritage sites

  • The natural treasure of Bulgaria is preserved in 3 national parks, around 90 nature reserves, more than 500 protected areas and 11 nature parks







Falling in love with Bulgaria at first sight





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“Plovdiv together”



Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city chosen to be European Capital of Culture. "Together” is more than a path to a more integrated community, it is our vision for making culture more accessible so that it can make our lives more meaningful, our city more vibrant.