• The ancient land, and home of the Gravettian culture, dates back 32,000 B.C.  

  • Population: 42.5 Million

  • Capital: Kiev

  • 2nd largest economy in the Region

  • Ranks 4th in the world in the number of certified IT (Information Technology) professionals (2013)

  • Produces the 4th largest number of post-secondary graduates in Europe



  • Ukraine occupies the 8th place in Europe by the number of tourist visiting

  • Ukraine has thousands of years old traditions 

  • The history of Ukrainian literature dates back to the 11th century

  • Ukraine has 5 conservatories, 6 opera houses, and numerous houses of Chamber Music, Philharmony across the country



  • Ukraine has a highly a diverse assemblage of animals, fungi, microorganisms and unique plants

  • Ukraine is the land of lakes and rivers, beavers, otters and mink, and also

  • The home of where steppe-dwelling species thrive













  • Armenia is often called the "museum in the open air" due to its rich culture, nature, and arcitecture

  • Population: 2.9 Million

  • Capital: Yerevan

  • Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world

  • The main tourist centers are Tsakhkadzor, Jermuk, Arzni and Dilijan

  • Armenia is the land that features great differences in altitude 

  • The country has over 4,000 unique monuments

  • Sevan, a lake in Armenia, located at 1900m altitude, and it is the largest lake in the Caucasus

  • Khor Virap Monastery is known for its location - at the foot of the biblical Mount Ararat

  • The large megalithic complex of Karaunj (at altitude of 1,770m) has a mysterious circular structure, which is made of hundreds of large vertical stones and occupies an area of ​​about 7 hectares










  • Azerbaijan, is the largest country in Transcaucasia (by population)

  • Population: 9,8 Million

  • Capital: Baku

  • About a half of Azerbaijan's territory is occupied by mountains (the Caucasus and  Talysh)

  • The country is famous of its more than 800 mud volcanoes

  • Azerbaijan has 9 of the 11 climatic zones  of our planet that ranges from the subtropics to the high-mountain alpine climates

  • Azerbaijan has 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Baku Icheri-Shekher quarter and the Gobustan reserve

  • The ancient Armenian Gandzasar monastery, located in the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, is one of the rare pearls of the religious architecture of the entire Caucasus Region

  • Gobustan, with its many cave paintings and mud volcanoes is a  UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site 

  • The Great Silk Road is among the most interesting sites of Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan is often called the "Land of Lights"




  • Belarus is located in Europe, and completely surrounded by land

  • Population: 9,5 Million

  • Capital: Minsk

  • Belarus excels in the development of agroecotourism

  • Forests cover about 40% of the land of Belarus 

  • Belarus has more than 10,000 lakes, among them the largest is Naroch (80 sq km) 

  • Polesie (the south of Belarus) is the largest wetland in Europe

  • The castle complex "Mir", a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site, built in the 16th Century, is famous of its sophisticated defense architecture

  • The National Historical and Cultural Museum Reserve, "Nesvizh" is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Belarus

  • The Augustow Canal that connects the Vistula River with the Neman River is an outstanding testimony of the perfect hydraulic engineering 

  • The National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", also a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site, is famous for its inscribed oaks that are more than 500 years old, and for the largest population of the rare bison in Europe 

  • In the Braslav Lakes National Park, located in the Vitebsk region of the country, there are several beautiful glacial lakes occupy the land
















  • Kazakhstan is located in the center of Eurasia

  • Population: 17.8 Million

  • Capital: Astana

  • Kazakhstan has no access to the sea and it is the largest country in the world with such a feature

  • Kazakhstan is divided into 14 regions with 3 cities of republican significance: Astana, Alma-Ata, and Shymkent

  • Kazakhstan's largest lake is the Caspian Sea

  • Great fishing and the beautiful mountains are among the top tourist attractions of Kazakhstan

  • The first and largest in the World cosmodrome Baynokur, is found in Kazakhstan

  • The World's largest mountain sports complex, Medeu is located near Almaty at an altitude of about 1,700m above sea level

  • Among the many natural attractions of Kazakhstan stands the Great Steppe, that stretches for thousands of kilometers and rich in a millennia of history and ancient legends

  • In Kazakhstan there is also the enchanting Charyn Canyon famous of its "Valley of Castles"




  • Moldova is the country of forests, mountains and vineyards

  • Population: 3,5 Million

  • Capital: Kishinev

  • Moldova hosts Europe's largest wine cellars (Cricova and Malye Milesti)

  • Moldovda is famous of its balneological hospitals

  • The Kalarashov Convent stands on the banks of the Dniester, and is the place for large underground (30-85m deep) wine storages, or galleries that reach the length of more than 50km

  • Tipova Monastery is a beautifully preserved rock temple

  • Limestone caves of the 15th Century are found in the town of Cricova near Chisinau that attract wine lovers and connoisseurs

  • The archaeological complex of Old Orhei is located near the Reut river






  • Uzbekistan is the land of mosques, mausoleums and structures erected alongside of the Great Silk Road 

  • Population: 31.8 Million

  • Capital: Tashkent

  • Uzbekistan has access to the Aral Sea

  • Uzbekistan is also the land of deserts, steppes and mountains

  • Uzbekistan holds architectural treasures and monuments and it is the cradle of the most ancient cities and the legendary Silk Road

  • The Uzbek cuisine has a long history and includes multicultural traditions

  • Uzbekistan is the country of cotton

  • Registan, the Square, the "heart" of the ancient Samarkand is the most famous landmark in Central Asia

  • The Charvak reservoir, located just 80km from Tashkent featuring red slopes and azure waters that offers striking views of the Western Tien Shan








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