How to Achieve Excellence

February 15, 2018

Aim for Perfection, Achieve Excellence.

The reason for this is simple, as it has been proven time and time again! The secret to delivering outstanding results lies in a well-established event planning strategy that is comprehensive and specific, with quantifiable elements! In this article, we are pleased to give away our secret formula that we use when planning our clients’ events!

Our planning process always starts with defining the purpose and concept of an event. We at UNIGLOBE Meeting and Events will work with you and your event committee to set the right objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, and also realistic.

Before you invest into an event, we look at market research related to the timing and place of your event. This ensures that there are no conflicting elements, such as public holidays or seasonality effects, which might interfere with an events success.

We assist you in developing an accurate, comprehensive budget and make recommendations for sponsorship from businesses and organizations that could greatly reduce your spending. These sponsors can also add value to your event. 

A venue needs to be carefully selected to make sure it is suitable to your event’s concept. We take a variety of things into consideration, which includes but is not limited to: indoor/outdoor requirements, location, catering facilities, heating and air conditioning, utilities, cost of using the venue and its facilities, services supplied, site layout, weather options, and of course safety to match your event theme with the venue chosen.

Our recommendations also ensure that the program content you select will fully support the concept and  theme of your event. We will help you to select details to meet these requirements including organizing speakers and performers, who complement event activities and are able engage attendees from start to finish.

Last but not least, we also strongly believe that the success of an event relies upon finding the best and most reliable partner for your company. One that you can work with side by side to achieve your key objectives!

This is the reason why we recommend speaking to us before planning your next event and allow us to demonstrate how we can make your event a memorable triumph!