August 22, 2018

UNIGLOBE Lets Go Travel has been working with various communities to steer positive development and growth as a way of giving back to the community.  

Our Programs consider Conservation, Education, Community Tourism, and Livelihood and focus on working with several primary and secondary schools in Kenya. 

We are commited to make the World a Better Place


The PROJECTS we are involved in:

Our Partners (Kings Oak School in Bristol, U.K and Amadeus) help us to improve the facilities of our schools and supply them with computers.

Our Keep Her in School Program is geared towards making sure that girls are provided with the sanitary supply they need on the school premises. 

Through qualified conservationists we teach students how to develop kitchen gardens.

We have a tree planting project (Adopt a Tree), where students in junior classes plant trees and are responsible for nurturing them to maturity (at least 4 years). 

With the help from African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, we train teachers on sustainability and environmental conservation, allowing them to pass on their knowledge to students. We measure our success through competitions and other incentives programs, such as school trips to the neighbouring Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

In partnership with Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda, our Young Change Makers Program provides mentoring to young individuals, who have interest in the travel and tourism industry.