The UNIGLOBE charity work continues.....

July 04, 2018

Once again we have raised money for humanitarian projects around the world managed by Plan International.

In June of 2018 we took on a CAMEL CHALLENGE Adventure by trekking across the Kenyan in the Ndoto Mountains in gruelling temperatures. Our team trekked  over 150 km in 6 days along a dried up river bed in very basic living and sanitation conditions, suffering the desert heat, African mosquitoes and any other creepy crawlies, desert animals and a few lions. These northern mountains rise dramatically to heights of nearly 9000 feet, out of semi-arid country. They are capped in cool highland forest and drained by crystal-clear streams that end up in huge, 1 km wide luggas.  Every nomad and wild animal for 100’s miles knows they will find water under the brown sand of the famous Milgis luggas, no matter how dry the season.

Mission accomplished and our team has safely returned from the fiercely beautiful and still unspoilt country of the Samburu and Rendille nomadic people. 



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